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Wildcard SSL Certificates

Axislayer Wildcard SSL Certificates

With a single wildcard SSL certificate, multiple subdomains can all be secured and verified quickly and easily.

Please note that SSL certificates must be installed on your web server. Therefore, an end-to-end SSL installation support is possible only in cases where the domain is hosted at Axislayer. If the domain is hosted with any other provider, please contact their support for assistance with CSR generation and SSL installation.

  • Browser Recognition

    All of our certs are supported by all popular browsers and thus have exceptionally high browser recognition. No matter what you select, you know it's going to be a strong choice.

  • Encryption Level

    Most of our certs use either 256-bit encryption or 128-bit depending on the capabilities of computer and server. 256 and 128-bit are both industry standard for data protection.

  • Site Seal

    Each cheap SSL cert site seal varies in looks to reflect the differences between each of the certs, but EVERY type of SSL certificate we offer comes with a seal.

  • Server Gated Cryptography

    Server gated cryptography, or SGC, is an enhanced security protocol initially developed for banks and other financial institutions specifically for use during transactions and is a huge benefit for your website that can help you stand out above competition.